Sorry we are no longer offering a Local delivery service and have now closed our website, All outstanding orders will be delivered on the delivery date chosen at checkout - Please contact us via Facebook if you have any queries, We hope to see you at 1 of many events during 2022


Local Delivery in Glos & Chelt - Advance orders are Free Delivery on orders £5+

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About us

We are based in Abbeydale, Gloucester and started in 2016 selling sweets at various events and have grown our sweet offerings from there. Today we now offer a Home delivery service as well as our events. We have a huge selection including Pick N Mix, American Sweets, Themed Treats, Crisps and much more.

Our Local Delivery service in Gloucester & Cheltenham is available with a Minimum spend of £5

We now offer Next Day or 2-3 Day Delivery to Mainland UK with Parcel Force and also Royal Mail - if you Spend £40+ the delivery is Free - subject to limits on drinks which may occur additional delivery charges

Limits on Drinks (Not applicable to local deliveries in Gloucestershire)
As a rough rule we allow upto 28 x 355ml cans included in our basic delivery charges with your order as a mixture of single, 6, 8 or 12 packs.  Each additional block of upto 24 cans will increase your delivery charges accordingly even if you have qualified for free delivery with your spend amount.  other drink sizes will affect your limits accordingly
We are also unable to send out any Glass bottles at the moment and these are only available for local delivery

These limits and extra charges are due to limits of how many drinks we are allowed per parcel and the extra charges we incur